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  • Decision making as a designer and front-end developer in a WordPress agency

    First, let’s start with what “decision making” is, and more importantly – good decision making. When trying to make a good decision, a person must weight the positives and negatives of each option, and consider all the alternatives. Clients come with problems. And they want them solved. Most of the time that’s a business problem, not technical. They […]

  • Colors in web design

    Why are the right colors for your website so important? This article will outline when, why and how to pick your colors in order to make your visitors feel comfortable and convert into buyers/users of your product. Color theory is often used in marketing and branding. Warm colors attract spontaneous buyers, while cooler ones are […]

  • Should a Front-End developer be a good designer as well?

    No. Yes? Maybe. And here’s why: It depends on the work really. Here is one example: You are a front-end developer working in an agency. The task of converting a designed business site comes. What do you do?

  • Micro – Free WordPress theme

    I’ve written a post on how Micro, a free WordPress theme was built in under two hours on the DevriX blog some time ago. Since then we received a few requests/issues that were visible on the theme. Having the theme submitted some ten months ago and waiting for a review for the next eight months or […]

  • Sublime Text Setup – What I use and what else is out there?

    I often see questions on what editor/IDE to use (see the difference between the two). My reasoning behind picking Sublime is simple. I used it at the beginning of my coding career. I got used to it and stuck with it for more than four years now.

  • node_modules – Quick how to delete it on Windows systems

    Every npm project comes with node_modules folder after installation. It’s all nice and fancy while you’re working on the project, but what happens when you need to delete it? Say you are moving repositories, renaming folders or just clearing up old stuff. If you are using Windows, chances are that you will get “path too […]

  • Productivity tools can be in the form of sound – introducing MyNoise

    Enjoying the sounds of rain? Distant thunders cracking the sky? Or maybe the warmth of the fireplace? If yes then this productivity tool is just for you!

  • My experience with Adobe XD so far.

    The latest app in the Adobe family, previously called “Project Comet” is live for a few months now and it rocks! Well, Kinda…