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Hey there 🙂

I am Alexander Dimitrov, born about two decades ago in Bulgaria. Both coding and designing are my passion both at work and at home.

I’ve graduated ELSYS – high school strictly focused on computer science. Along with school, I’ve been competing in various sports professionally like volleyball and cycling.

What I’ve been doing in my spare time?

I love the redesigning process . Grab this site, or this app, or that interface and rework it. Or play around with new tech, languages, libraries, frameworks, you name it.

League of Legends Champions select screen

My goals were: Keep it simple. Make it more useful. Make it so people feel at home. I went and shared it on the subreddit forum for the game. 2 hours later the thread was on the hot page on reddit.com.

It was also coded live on livecoding.tv. You can see the repository in my GitHub. A little metrics – The design has been seen nearly 600,000 times and the live stream was viewed by up to 140 people simultaneously.

The final PSD design


Seen on the first dashboard screen.

Honestly, It’s much less than I’d like to, but it has always been fun to do 🙂 I was a core contributor for the 4.4 and 4.6 releases. If you happen to notice since 4.4, there’s now a “drag boxes here” message on the main dashboard screen.

Other than that I have 2 themes released as well as one plugin that helps you add sources to your articles in the post footer. You can see more on my WordPress.org profile page.

I also got to make these free themes and plugins:

  • DX Sources –  Most recent. Very simple, but helpful
  • DX Starter – Starter theme for DevriX based on _s. I contributed with the complete Sass setup and build scripts.
  • Studio-X – I may overdid it with the settings, but it was a fun project
  • Subtle – Old, but still has some users
  • Micro – Hacky looking monochromatic theme
  • Cobalt – The theme you’re looking at now 🙂 Not for download just yet, it’s in development


Got one of my photos to the ten weekly exclusive images. At this time it has more than 13,000,000 views and over 80,000 downloads.



I love drawing. People the most (just like with photography). You can see some of my pieces on my Deviantart page. You can also see some of my art on this very site!

Get to know me through music.

Many times when I get into a conversation with people I’ve never met before we get to speak of music taste. It lets you understand the person in front of you.  Well here are some of my favorite pieces.

I am sure to add more here!