Productivity tools can be in the form of sound – introducing MyNoise

Enjoying the sounds of rain? Distant Thunders cracking the sky? Or maybe the warmth of the fireplace? If yes then this productivity tool is just for you!

Introducing MyNoise.net generator

I have always been putting some good non-distracting songs in the background while I’m working. Be it something like “Crazy” by Daniela Andrade or “Hands” by Jewel it has always been for concentrating on the task I’m working on.

But every now and then listening to songs for 8 hours straight is exhausting . Sometimes I just want to put down my headphones and just enjoy the silence.

The productivity boost of ambient sounds.

They are non-distracting. They are quiet, have no message and will help you focus. Did it ever happen to you, to lose focus because of some catchy lyrics on a song? Or just want to stop to enjoy that great vocal? Or guitar solo?

Well it is a great feeling, but in many cases you want to stay focused to finish quickly with the task. This is when you want the least amount of distractions happening. It’s When you want to increase your productivity.

MyNoise provides a very wide range of different sound settings that will allow you to pick just the right one for your mood.

Rain forest, Fireplace, Winds, Birds, or even more industrial places like Railroads, Airport terminals, Sailboats, Factories and many many more.

Mixing the noises.

You like the sound of cat purring while it’s raining outside? Well.. you can get a cat, unless you already have one and wait for the fall, but honestly… what are the chances the two happening at the same time 🙂

You can mix more than one sound generators to create the perfect atmosphere.  Just be aware, that because of the bandwidth these very high-quality sounds create, you might get restrictions.

But not to worry, if you are happy with what you get, a small donation of $5 US or €5 for Europe will get you higher priority and allow you to play as many sound generators as you want.

10 different streams of sound

There are tools like RainyMood or Coffee sounds that give you a single stream of recorded sounds, which in most of the cases is fine.

Productivity enhance through sliders
Many sliders allow you to set just the perfect sound for you

What makes MyNoise different, is that it has a slider of 10 different sounds creating the chosen atmosphere. Picked “Irish Coast”? You get to set the levels of Win Rumble,  the waves clashing the coast, the strength of the wind, the levels of the shore noise. Rain, Water, Pebbles, Seaside and more.

As a result, every single sound generator has 10 different sliders to create just the perfect background for you.

Every sound is made carefully.

The creator of the site (and yes, only one guy maintains it) writes a description of the sounds, how to use them and provides a list of predefined settings to pick from. Here is one example:

You stand upon a cliff, with the wind blowing in your face. See the gray sky above you and folding waves below. Now close your eyes and enjoy the light drizzle on your face, carried fast and cold by the sea wind. Breathe in slowly and deeply, and feel the invigorating sensation of inhaling fresh salty air.

Many preset to choose from

White noise settings
Many predefined settings to pick from

As mentioned, for every sound you get predefined presets, in case you are not sure what you want. This is especially helpful for the amazing generated sounds (not recorded ones) like white noise, Binaural Beats, Bilateral Harmonics and more.

Sounds like “Rain Forest” give you rain only, heavy rain, toads and more just from one sound.

In addition to these presets, you can set animated mode where the sliders change gradually. Additionally you have meditation room that goes through the different sliders one by one.

Summary (tl;dr)

A fantastic, rich and carefully build productivity tool. A good piece of headphones is welcome, but not necessary. With the free version that gives you all the sounds with small limitations and low-cost donation based premium plan.

MyNoise is definitely the best tool out there for generating background sounds to boost your productivity or to help you relax, or even to sleep.

If you have any other sound tools you love, please post them in the comments, I would love to check them out!


2 responses to “Productivity tools can be in the form of sound – introducing MyNoise”

  1. Mynoise is pretty much my default site for ambient sounds. There are others out there, this one being the most recent that was sent to me: http://www.ambient-mixer.com/

    I’ve skipped through it but haven’t used it at all, only sampling what’s there. It appears to be a user-created site (users upload their own mixes to be turned into loops.) Thus, the quality may or may not be as good as it is on MyNoise.

    Great blog post! Dr. Pigeon pointed to it on his FB page, so I hope it gives you more traffic 🙂

  2. Hey, just saw that thanks to your comment, thanks for the note; It has few likes, it feels pretty nice that he decided to share it ^^ I will also check the tool you sent these days, cheers!

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