Category: Front-End

  • What to prepare for a front-end job

    This post will not cover the interview itself in details, more like the preparation and the information you send when you apply for a position. Good thing is that some of the tips here will work for other positions aside from Front-End 👍

  • 5 practice projects to learn HTML and CSS

    HTML and CSS (just the two, yes, classic front-end stuff) are often overlook in favor of JS. Many developers reach a point where they understand the base concept for layouts, standard styling properties and the way to build elements. Often accompanied with a library like Bootstrap or Foundation. But it turns out that there is…

  • Responsive Containers in CSS

    Responsive is nothing new — you build a page, it looks great on desktop, it has to look great on mobile as well. To achieve this we most often use media queries, but there is one other way – responsive containers We should all know by now how to achieve that. You have media queries,…

  • Should you wrap block elements with anchor tags?

    Should you wrap block elements with anchor tags?

    A question that pops every now and then — should you wrap block elements with anchor: <div> with anchor tag <a> ? This is one of the many decisions front-end developers have to make on a daily basis. TLDR: Yes, you can. Don’t sweat over it. First – what is the difference between a block…

  • How I crafted my view for the League of Legends champions select screen

    It all started in my school years when I and my buds were playing together online in the hours after school till midnight (and after more often than not). Now, I wasn’t a hardcore gamer, not even close, though I could say that I am more or less proud of my “Global Elite” rank achievement…

  • Decision making as a designer and front-end developer in a WordPress agency

    First, let’s start with what “decision making” is, and more importantly – good decision making. When trying to make a good decision, a person must weight the positives and negatives of each option, and consider all the alternatives. Clients come with problems. And they want them solved. Most of the time that’s a business problem, not technical. They…

  • Should a Front-End developer be a good designer as well?

    Should a Front-End developer be a good designer as well?

    No. Yes? Maybe. And here’s why: It depends on the work really. Here is one example: You are a front-end developer working in an agency. The task of converting a designed business site comes. What do you do?