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  • Trip to Iceland, 2023

    Trip to Iceland, 2023

    4 pm, April 30: I packed my backpack and headed to the airport. It was almost a full day’s travel to one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been to — a tiny country far in the north. And it was all thanks to 10up, who organized this fantastic event for the 250 members who…

  • 2022 Goals

    In many discussions with professionals in different fields, I keep getting excited about all the cool things one can learn and work on. And I would LOVE to try out many of them, but there is just not enough time. And sometimes, not enough energy. Sadly, it feels like you are starting at a mountain…

  • What to prepare for a front-end job

    This post will not cover the interview itself in details, more like the preparation and the information you send when you apply for a position. Good thing is that some of the tips here will work for other positions aside from Front-End 👍

  • If you feel down

    If you feel down

    It’s been two years since my last post here… Shame. And I was writing a lot before. Well, for my standards, that is; I would say that I have been focusing on my work more, trying to deal with the various tasks that are coming in daily. But then when I get home, I feel…