If you feel down

It’s been two years since my last post here…

Shame. And I was writing a lot before. Well, for my standards, that is;

I would say that I have been focusing on my work more, trying to deal with the various tasks that are coming in daily. But then when I get home, I feel kinda tired. In fact tired enough to not even go to my backpack, open up my laptop and work on something new, be it an article, learn new stuff etc.

And this feels awful. Like when you look back in time with all the good stuff you’ve been doing and compare to today self it’s terrible.

It is a loop that is hard to break out from!

But I think I finally opened my eyes for this problem and the feeling is amazing. Like finally getting some fresh air. Finding new opportunities, looking at a different perspective.

The funny thing is the realization that nothing really has changed around me. Nothing! It’s just my perception and mindset.

What happens now? Well technically I am typing this article, the first in two years. Yesterday I was brainstorming ways to improve our team’s work quality and satisfaction across my awesome coworkers, ways to improve the performance and so on.

The day before we were talking about learning new skills, setting goals and committing to them.

Hell, the junior fellows are way ahead already, learning on a daily basis. It’s so damn easy to get in a comfortable zone and never get out of it…

Be part of a team!

And this is why you need people around! You have to surround yourself with awesome individuals, who can poke you every time you fall asleep. (both metaphorically speaking and not, not cool to snore in the office)

I can’t think of what could it be if this was not the case and I was dealing with this alone. It’s a gamble, you never know how long this period can last.

I am very happy to have my girl – Yanka, by my side, who supports me all the time; Love you!. I must say that her desire to draw, sing, work on new designs, help others and overall awesomeness are huge motivator for me as well!

Now, I am not talking about depression or anything serious like this here, lucky to have never gone through it or experienced in through relatives, I am just talking about losing that drive to grow.

If you see yourself in this, no matter your profession, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I feel like I am not as good as X months/years ago?
  • Is this what I imagined to become back then?
  • Do I feel like I waste time? Days go by without anything big happening?

It’s all in your head! The mindset is a powerful thing. Stuff around changes, but you are your own boss, don’t lose grip of your story. Do not become a side character. You can let yourself flow with the current every now and then, but don’t get comfortable or you will start to feel down at some point.

I am certain people will argue with my thoughts here, I am certain that I am no different than billions of others but there are billion others with different stories and experiences, different thinking, ideas and goals.

So this is no guide or anything, just something I’ve been meaning to say. If it helped out, it will make my day! If you want to reach out to me, I will be happy to write back!

Stay Awesome!


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