Delete node_modules on windows

node_modules – Quick how to delete it on Windows systems

Every npm project comes with node_modules folder after installation. It’s all nice and fancy while you’re working on the project, but what happens when you need to delete it?

Say you are moving repositories, renaming folders or just clearing up old stuff. If you are using Windows, chances are that you will get “path too long” or something along the lines.

Windows has 260 characters limit on path files and deleting so many nested folders is impossible with the “delete” function.

How to delete node_modules

Ironically, you need another npm module for that. Now, in order to make it work, you need to have it installed globally. Run the following command:

npm install rimraf -g

After doing this you will have access to the command anywhere on the system. To delete the npm folder just run:

rimraf node_modules

See more on the package’s page.

Thanks to all this you can really feel like a Windows user 🙂 #nohate


Productivity tools can be in the form of sound – introducing MyNoise

Enjoying the sounds of rain? Distant Thunders cracking the sky? Or maybe the warmth of the fireplace? If yes then this productivity tool is just for you!

Introducing generator

I have always been putting some good non-distracting songs in the background while I’m working. Be it something like “Crazy” by Daniela Andrade or “Hands” by Jewel it has always been for concentrating on the task I’m working on.

But every now and then listening to songs for 8 hours straight is exhausting . Sometimes I just want to put down my headphones and just enjoy the silence.

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Adobe Experience Design Interface

My experience with Adobe XD so far.

Originally published at Medium

The latest app in the Adobe family – Experience Design CC, previously called “Project Comet” is live for a few months now and it rocks! Well, Kinda…

I must say that the tools they provide are very limited, but are also the core ones needed for the modern web/app interface design. Now, there are some quite useful ones like “Text underline” or “Gradients” that are missing. It’s quite understandable considering the (preview) tag in the app’s title.

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